A Few Updates: The Garden, Our Trip & Things to Come

The Garden

The garden is coming along. We returned from Kentucky to find that things had really grown in the short time we were gone. The squash plant was a good bit larger, and we had beans ready to pick. Here are a few pictures that I took yesterday.

The squash plant:


A few little squash starting to grow:

little squash

Beans and herbs and a cucumber plant:


First flower on one of the tomato plants:

tomato flower

I remain pleased with the way things are going in the garden. It continues to be a lot of fun. I’d love to see pictures of your gardens if you have them. Feel free to leave a link to any garden posts on your own blog in the comments.

Our Trip

Our trip to Kentucky went well, in spite of a 10 hour car ride with two 3 year olds. 🙂 The girls handled it much better than I expected. They went fishing for the first time and had a blast. They also fed carrots to their aunt’s horses got to pet the baby quail she has on her farm.

coal We drove through West Virginia on the way there and were bombarded with billboards promoting “Clean Coal.” Most of the billboards were in an area where the interstate runs a long a river next to miles of coal yards. Looking at the mounds of coal, the plants with enormous smoke stacks blowing out large billowing streams of the stuff, and the filthy trucks driving all around the area, the “Clean Coal” billboards were nothing short of a paradox.

Now that we’re back home, I plan to post more regularly and I have some guest posts for other blogs in the works. I’ll be reviewing some great books I’ve just finished and there will be more updates on our garden, along with green summer fun ideas.

Thank you for reading.