Garden Progress

It’s time for another garden update. I promise I’ll write about something else soon, but the garden is something I’m really enjoying and I find I want to share it. I’m especially pleased at the progress we’re making on the garden annex (my name for the expanded area of the garden we started this year). My husband has begun building a fence around this area to match the fence around the raised beds. The deer eat everything here, so all of our hard work, along with all of the plants, will be lost without a fence. Here are some pictures of the latest developments:

The corn has sprouted . . .

corn Garden Progress

Teepees! We have teepees! For the pole beans, of course. . .

pole bean teepees Garden Progress

The kindest garden fence builder. . .

fence builder Garden Progress

The radishes and carrots are up in the raised beds. . .

radishes1 Garden Progress

Garden Helper #1

garden helper 1 Garden Progress

Garden Helper #2

garden helper 2 Garden Progress

This garden isn’t perfect and neither is this life, for anyone. But if I slow down for just a moment and watch the plants sprouting from small seeds, and listen to my children giggling as they stomp and run and swing outside, and watch my husband haul yet another piece of lumber from the garage to the garden as he builds a fence for me, for us, without ever uttering a word of complaint, I think I can almost smell the sweet scent of perfection.

I’ll take these moments and be grateful that I was able to recognize them. Because soon enough, it will be time to make dinner, to fold laundry, to unload and reload the dishwasher, again and again and again. . .

In the Garden

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Planting radishes and carrots. . .

radishes 300x200 In the Garden

planting potatoes in boxes, an idea I got from Chiot’s Run. . .

potato boxes 300x200 In the Garden

watching the strawberry plant bloom. . .

strawberries 300x200 In the Garden

getting the garden annex ready and planting corn.

garden annex 300x276 In the Garden

Have you been in your garden?

New to Organic Gardening? Helpful Resources

You’ll be hearing a lot about my square foot garden as warm weather gets nearer. Last year was our first run with it and we had so much fun, we’re expanding this year. While things weren’t entirely perfect, I learned a lot, and am eager to begin again. Several people have asked me how to get started. I’m certainly not an expert, but I’d love to share with you some of the resources and organic gardening information that has been helpful to me.

square foot gardening New to Organic Gardening? Helpful Resources
All New Square Foot Gardening New to Organic Gardening? Helpful Resources by Mel Bartholomew. I started with this book and it was of great help; I can’t recommend it enough. Mel’s website, Square Foot Gardening contains a lot of information as well.

Bundle New to Organic Gardening? Helpful Resources
◊ Just recently, I found the website My Square Foot Garden. Emily does an amazing job of walking her readers through step by step tutorials. She even sends out a weekly newsletter based on your climate zone that tells you what tasks to do that week.

If you need more help, she’s just published two new ebooks, Gardening for Beginners and Planting by Color that look really useful. Emily has a great video on her site detailing exactly how the ebooks can help you.

One Green Generation. There’s a wealth of green goodness over there, but especially helpful for beginning gardeners are the extensive resources available in the Organic Gardening 101 series.

free spring planner 300x225 New to Organic Gardening? Helpful Resources

Free from

◊ Little House in the Suburbs has put together a wonderful free spring planner that you can print and fold into a little booklet. It’s really terrific. And did I mention that it’s FREE?! They also have a new book out that’s looks terrific, Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient living New to Organic Gardening? Helpful Resources.

Good luck as you create your own organic garden. Please let me know if you have any questions about getting started. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll do my best to get it for you.