Clean + Green Review

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I was recently introduced to a new line of products called Clean + Green. I’m pleased to say that the product I tried works. We sampled the Dog-Concrete & Grout Cleaner and were pleasantly surprised. We have a 110 lb. yellow lab and when he uses the bathroom on the garage floor, suffice it to say, the mess is plentiful and smelly. We’ve tried numerous products in an attempt to get the left-over scent out of the concrete floor, but have found they really just mask the smell for a short period of time.ps_dogconcrete

About a week ago there was a storm coming and my husband moved our dog from his pen into the garage. The next morning, there was the usual mess. After mopping it up, my husband went after the can of Clean+Green. He followed the directions exactly, which were incredibly simple: shake can, spray on affected area, allow to air dry. The next day when I went into the garage to get something, there was absolutely no urine odor. That’s something I haven’t been able to say for some time.

Clean+Green contains a large line of pet products. In addition to the concrete cleaner, there are cleaners for carpet, wood & tile, auto, furniture, and cat’s litter box. Another great looking product is the De-Skunk Coat Cleaner. The Clean+Green website says the cleaners are “effective on any common household odors such as animal and people urine and feces, skunk spray, smoke, sweat, and food odors.”

Speaking of smoke, our power went out last week for a few days and we kept warm by burning a fire in fireplace. Even though my husband cleaned out the ashes, the ash smell has remained. I reached for my can of Clean+Green Concrete & Grout Cleaner, and once again, the smell is gone.

It’s obviously important that the products work, but the best thing about them is that they are safe for children and pets and eco-friendly. According to their website, “CLEAN+GREEN is all natural, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. Per the U.S. Federal Regulations Toxic Substances Control Act, Title III, Section 311 & 312, this product contains no health or hazardous materials. It is perfectly safe to use around people and animals when you spray an odor source.”

I can only assume that their other products work as well as this one did. I know I’m sold. Clean+Green products can be purchased online at their website and in stores like Wal-mart, Petsmart, and PetCo.

[Disclosure: We received one free can of Concrete & Grout Cleaner to sample. We are receiving no other payment or incentive for this review. The links in this post are NOT affiliate links. Please see my Review Policy for more information.]