Eating Better

vegsMy family and I are trying to eat better. For us, that means more local and organic foods, creating our own square foot garden, and switching to grass-fed, pastured, and humanely raised meat. We’re not completely there yet, but we’re working on it.

It’s no secret that eating fewer processed foods and more whole foods (foods in their natural state) is healthier and allows you to avoid many chemicals and preservatives. What I’m learning, is that it takes a bit of work to seek out the healthiest choices. While those options are sometimes more expensive, if you plan well and do a little research, you can actually save money as well as time.

Over the next week, I’ll be highlighting in more detail some of the steps we’re taking to improve the quality and health-factor of our food. I’ll also talk about how we’re attempting to plan better to save both money and time. I’m certainly no expert and since we’re just getting started on this path, I may not have learned the “best” way to go about it yet. But I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned so far, and hopefully inspire you to think about the food you’re eating, too.

To kick off the healthy food theme for next week, I’ve listed some food-related sites I like:

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo Credit: Chiefnuh