Environmental Working Group (EWG) Video

EWG has an amazing video that is disturbing, but informative. I encourage everyone to watch it to learn more about chemicals and how they affect us. The video can be found on their site at www.ewg.org/kidsafe.

Please comment and let me know what you thought of the video.


  1. How nice to find our video here! Thanks for sharing it with your readers. If anyone is interested in getting active on this, please be in touch! You can host a house party, sign The Declaration for Kid-Safe Chemicals (www.kidsafechemicals.org), or let your US representative know that you want to see Kid-Safe pass, because it’s high time. I’m at: lisa@ewg.org. Together we can make this a reality.

  2. @Lisa,

    You all do great work. Thanks for looking out for our kids (and us).