Featured Do-Gooder: Earth Promise

From time to time Smart Family Tips will feature an organization that is a “Do-Gooder”: a group that works to help both people and the environment. The Do-Gooders may be companies, nonprofits, or any organized group that focuses its efforts on making the world a better place.

earth-promise-logoEarth Promise is a community site where people share their promises for making the world a better place. It’s all about the effect of many people doing small things — the fact that when many people make a small effort, it really does add up, a concept I try to focus on with this blog. Earth Promise says it’s,

an online community where environmentally conscious people use the site as a platform to document changes in their everyday lives, whether large or small, that will improve the earth’s condition caused by global warming and related issues. These changes, or Earth Promises, can have a tremendous effect when grouped together.

One small Earth Promise that a person makes can grow with the care and attention that is needed. Let’s say, you promise to use recycled paper. On its own, it does not appear to be much. But what if 100 people made that same promise? What about 1,000 people? Or 1 million? Or we can think of it differently. What if you told ten friends about the promise you made and then they told ten friends and so on. That can turn into a lot of people. In both instances, this one single promise has a very positive impact on the environment. That is powerful.

Earth Promise’s goals are to:

  • Provide an easy way for people to make, track and keep promises about changes that will benefit the environment.
  • Connect people with others who share the same vision for change.
  • Enable visitors to easily spread the word and teach and motivate others.
  • Encourage people to make a difference.

It’s all within our reach – the power of the Internet has connected people across the globe, and Earth Promise makes it easier for all of us to do our part by making these changes in order to have an impact on the environmental issues.

Want to have an impact on something so important that affects everyone on the globe? With Earth Promise, it is within our reach.

Get inspired and inspire others. Care, commit and connect. Together we can make a world of difference.

There are lots of great tools on the Earth Promise site. You can make your own promises or choose from a large list of promises other people have already made. You can also find suggestions for easy ways to get started, or use the Earth Promise Wizard that will ask a few basic questions and find promises that will work for you.

Similar to Facebook, you may choose to add “friends” if you’d like, but this isn’t required. They also have Forums and a useful Resources page.

One of my favorite aspects of the Earth Promise site is an excellent blog that has interesting and useful articles. Some of my favorites are

Environmental Kids’ Sites Worthy of a Bookmark

Green Your Child’s Reading List

Revive the Victory Garden

Green Vehicle Tips

Water Bottles: Bad For Our Planet, Bad For Our Body

It’s easy to subscribe to the blog via RSS or email. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Earth Promise is doing a great job of promoting responsibility and awareness while creating a sense of community. Please take the time to visit their site and maybe even make a few promises of your own.


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