Garden Beginnings

Sprouts! We have sprouts!

I can hardly wait to get gardening. We’ve been busy clearing out the square foot garden beds and filling them up with more Mel’s Mix. My seed order arrived and a few tomato plants have already sprouted. They’re set up under the grow light for now while we wait for the peppers to sprout and get the carrot and radish seeds in the ground with the onions. We even have a lone little asparagus peaking up from the soil.

I don’t know why I get so excited about gardening. Maybe it’s because the results of the effort we put in are so tangible (and delicious).

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years about the kinds of things I want to expose my children to, and about all the things I want to protect them from. Having our own organic garden just a few steps from our back door is one significant way for me to put both of those things into practice. It’s a way for me to teach them the wonder of nature (really, food from seeds!) and the taste of home-grown vegetables. We can talk about food from our yard being much better for the environment than food shipped half-way around the world. We can delight in the pesticides we are not consuming and the large, abusive seed monopolies we are not supporting when we use organic, heirloom seeds.

My garden can represent environmental, chemical and political causes.

It can also represent the one cause that means the most to me: my children, and their health, and their joy in playing in the dirt, and giggling when they see worms, and tucking seeds into the soil with their tiny, careful fingers.

Our garden is time spent together.

How does your garden grow?


  1. I never tire of the small miracle of a seed sprouting and growing up into something I can eat.

    Despite the 6 inches or so of snow last weekend in my Eastern Kansas garden my raised beds are home today to lots and lots of baby radishes, spring greens, garlic, bok choi, and lettuce.

    It’s a wonderful time to garden, and to share all the excitement with kids.

  2. Sprouts – already! How wonderful! My goal for this year is to get the raised beds built, fill them with the Mel’s mix and plant from plants. Maybe next year I can progress to seeds! You’re an inspiration!