Good Stuff

I’ve come across several good things I’d like to tell you about.

1. Diane MacEachern wrote about green dry cleaning this week. Her post is incredibly informative. She’s also provided a link to a database where you can locate the greenest dry cleaners in your area.

2. Colin Beavan, aka, No Impact Man has a great project going. He’s encouraging everyone to try a one week carbon cleanse and has put together a terrific day-by-day tutorial to help. Even if you don’t do everything he suggests, there are some helpful ideas included in his guide.

3. Check the list of 7 Foods the Experts Won’t Eat. It may surprise you.

4. I found Sprout Launch this week. They offer daily acts of kindness to keep you full of ideas. Follow them on Twitter, or check out their site.

Have a great week, everyone!