Planet Box Lunchbox Review – Back to School

I’m wild about the new Planet Box lunch box. I found them online and the more I learned, the more eager I was to try it out. Caroline was kind enough to send one for me to sample and after receiving it, I promptly ordered (and gladly paid full price for) another one.

Here’s What I Like:

Made of Stainless Steel. There’s no worry about BPA, it’s dishwasher safe, and should last indefinitely.

Compartments. The Planet Box includes well thought-out compartments to hold a variety of lunch items.

Recycled Materials. The carry bag is made of recycled bottles and comes in three colors: red, green & purple. It also contains an insulated pouch to hold a reusable bottle and an area for napkins and silverware.

Cute magnetic designs. There are several magnetic designs to choose from. There should be something to suit every kid.

Cool Factor. It’s just plain cool. My kids love their new lunch boxes and can hardly wait to take them to school.

Small, family-owned company. This is a small company created by a husband and wife team, Caroline and Robert Miros. They designed the boxes and run the company themselves. They care about safe materials and children’s health. I’m happy to support their efforts.

If your kids need a new lunch box this year (or even if you do), definitely give the Planet Box a look.

Disclaimer: Other than the free sample I received, I have no affiliation with this company and receive no compensation for writing favorably about their product. I really do like it – enough to choose these lunch boxes for my own daughters.


  1. These look so cool. I wish I was still at school I would totally want one! As it is, I work at home, and unfortunately can’t find a good reason to get one…. yet!!

  2. Holy smokes – that is the coolest thing I have ever seen :) Am I getting this right – it looks like you don’t have to use plastic bags to keep things fresh?

  3. @Helen – My husband had seriously considered getting one to take to work — minus the magnets. :)

    @Natalie – I truly is the coolest thing! :) And you are correct, there’s no need for plastic baggies. There’s even a mesh pouch in the top of the bag where you can put a gel pack to keep things cold. I plan to put a reusable napkin and silverware in the front pocket.

  4. Again with you saving the day for me! First your help with good sunscreens, the awesome family road trip packing list and now this!

    My top to-do today was researching a great green lunch solution for the kids and now I don’t have to spend all that time!

    I have tried the laptop lunches (too many small pieces that get lost) and Goodbyn (what kid can really get that lid off?!). What I love:
    – it’s all basically one big piece
    – a logical place to put dipping sauces that actually fits into the larger box
    – a place for separate snacks – she’s clearly a mom who knows that at snack time the kids usually take a small container and not their whole lunch
    – the magnets are cute!
    – a spot for the water bottle and a hot/cold pack
    – last, the videos on the site with kids showing their favorite planet lunchbox lunches is sooo cute, I know this will help my kids get excited about their new lunchboxes

  5. @Trish – I’m so glad you like it. I was really excited when I found them and my kids really do love them. I, too, like that it’s one piece. I looked at the Goodbyn, which seemed like a good idea, but I could just see the lunch flying across the room as the kids tried to pry the lid off. This lid opens and closes easily, but securely.

    I also really like supporting small businesses and Caroline has been great. They’ve taken great pains to make sure the product is as eco-friendly as possible.

  6. wow, that looks cool. But quite pricey especially shipping to Germany :( The lunch set would be something completely different compared to my bento boxes!

  7. planet box lunchbox is very practical to use for school kids, but it is very expensive and even if i think of geting one the shipping is something not logical which is 35 pounds, too much .

  8. Hate them. I have to say I was against them from the start. I’m the one who packs the kids lunch every day but my wife came home with these one day.
    1. For one thing they are $60 each … Just about had an aneurysm over that.
    2. Try to find food that fits those little pockets just perfect – yeah I have time for that. A regular sandwich does not fit – I have to trim the sandwich to the right size – seems like a waste to me.
    3. We already had all kinds of reusable containers (that don’t leak) that let me pack anything/everything the kids like. Try and put a banana in that thing.
    4. The wifes argument was that the kids would lose some of the containers we have – okay, they were like $2 each. This thing is $60.
    5. The seals in the removable containers fall out – yeah they won’t get lost.
    6. We don’t have room in the fridge for 3 planet boxes – so what do I do if I want to pack the kids lunches the night before? – oh I know – pack them in all the re-usable containers we already have – and them repack them in the planet boxes the next day – great.
    7. You have to wash these things every day so they are ready for school the next day. With my stock of other containers I had enough that we could just put them through the dishwasher when it’s convenient and grab a clean one from the cupboard.
    8. I can’t stand that they call these things planet boxes. Everthing’s green and good for the planet these days – “green” is the “low fat” of the 2010′s.

    A waste of money – I can’t wait until the kids lose them : )

  9. I’ve had 2 planet boxes for over a year now. Well worth the investment.

  10. This lunch box look great. Having separate compartments is a must in my family. I like the fact you can change the pictures on the container. My son is too old to appreciate this now, but when he was younger it would have added an additional layer of interest to his school lunch. I am going to consider this for my next lunch box purchase. Thanks for the review.

  11. Got mine in the mail today. Not impressed. Can’t fit a normal sized sandwich in it so it’s useless to me. Love the concept but the execution is lame. Guess I’ll try to sell it.


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