Review Policy

I like doing reviews, mostly because I like reading reviews. I count on consumer reviews whenever I’m about to purchase most new items. However, it can be difficult anymore to determine which reviews are genuine and which are not. To help make things a bit more clear regarding this site, my review policy is below.

  • I do not do paid reviews here. This means that if a company contacts me and offers to pay me $X.xx to write a positive review of their product, I will not do it.
  • I do not review products that do not fit with the spirit of this site or that cause me to question my integrity. For example, because this site promotes being respectful of the environment and avoiding toxic chemicals, I’m not going to sample or review the newest chlorine bleach or genetically modified processed food.
  • Sometimes I purchase the items I review and sometimes companies provide samples for free. I will let you know which it was in each review.
  • If a company contacts me to sample their product, I will accept only if: (1) I believe the product will actually be of use to my readers, and (2) there is no expectation that I will write a positive review just because I received a free sample.
  • I seek out products that I think will be good, which is why most of the reviews here are positive. I don’t perceive much value in introducing you to products that are awful.

I think I’ve covered all the bases here, but if you have questions about how I review products that aren’t listed here, please email me and ask. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.