Save Some Money: Bring Your Own Waste-Free Lunch

Schools around the nation are implementing Waste-Free Lunch days. The idea is for parents to pack a lunch for their kids that is 100% waste-free. Whether or not you have kids, you can save some serious cash by bringing your own lunch to work everyday and you can make it healthier for you and healthier for the planet by packing waste-free. What goes into a waste-free lunch?

  • Reusable lunch bag. Make sure it’s not made of PVC. More on why PVC is bad in another post.
  • Reusable water bottle. These can be found in many places, but watch out for BPA. You’ll want to get a bottle that is either made of stainless steel or one that is clearly marked “BPA free.”
  • Sturdy containers to hold sandwiches and snacks.
  • Cloth napkin.
  • Reusable silverware.

Once you get in the habit of packing your own stuff, it’s really no more trouble than packing disposables. You’ll also save money in the long run by cutting back on the amount of disposables you’re using (and buying). There are lots of places to buy these items for both you and your kids. A few places to start looking are The Soft Landing, Nubius Organics, I’m Organic and

Now that you’ve got the goods, what goes in a healthy lunch? The easiest and most cost effective option is leftovers. The next best bet is fruit (no packaging), a whole grain (either bread or crackers), protein (beans, turkey, lean beef or chicken). There are plenty of sources for healthy lunch combinations. Those listed below are just a start.

Good luck with your Waste-Free Lunch!


  1. I use a plastic grocery bag for my lunch every day. When it breaks I take it to be recycled. I’ve been using the same one for about 5 months now though. I also use plastic bags, containers and spoons, but they are all washed and reused.

    I’ve found I’m at my most green when I simply do whatever I can to save money. Great post.

  2. Great idea for reusing plastic grocery bags. Very true that saving money and greening go together. Thanks for commenting.