Blog Action Day: An Open Letter to Climate Change Naysayers

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An Open Letter to Climate Change Naysayers

Dear Naysayers,

I am no scientist. I majored in English. I’m a reader and a thinker. Science was never a strength for me in school and it still isn’t. I cannot prove to you scientifically that climate change is real, but I believe there are people who can, and I believe that it is.

I know that you disagree with me.

Actually, I wish I could believe that you are right. That we could continue to pillage and plunder this planet while it keeps rising to meet our voracious consumption. That progress, and buying into that progress, with our money and our habits are what really matter for civilization to move forward.

But I cannot.

Because I cannot, I will continue to try to: reduce my own consumption, decrease my footprint, eat more mindfully and locally, and pesticide-free. I will try to drive less and grow more. All because I believe it is necessary and because I believe it will make a difference.

I know you think this is foolish.

But let’s suppose for a moment that you are right. That the planet is not changing, that we are not using up a limited supply of resources. Let’s assume we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want, with no global consequences. Even if this were true, what is the harm in living a life of less? If I, and many others, choose to take shorter showers, or choose to use public transportation, or choose to grow some of our own food — if we try to be good stewards of the planet by wasting less and giving more, where is the harm? If we come to the end of our lives and have done our best to reduce, reuse and recycle, is anyone really worse off for our efforts?

I get that you don’t think there is such a thing as climate change. What I don’t get, is why you so vehemently cry out against it. If the scientists are wrong, how does is hurt you if we try to save the planet in vain?

I realize there isn’t as much money to be made when people become more mindful of consumption and wastefulness. But truly, if money is the only motivator in life anymore, then I’m not only concerned for our planet, but for our sense of humanity.

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