How to Make Your Own Cloth Napkins

Cloth Napkins D

This is a guest post from Nicki at Domestic Cents. Nicki writes about all things domestic, frugal and crafty.

Our family used to use a LOT of paper napkins and paper towels. We used them at every meal time and we used them generously. I don’t like greasy fingers and I especially don’t like those fingers wiped on clothing. The rate that we went through paper towels and napkins was beginning to be ridiculous. I was purchasing large packages of them far too frequently.

Paper napkins bothered me for two reasons:

1. Using them was very wasteful.
2. Purchasing them constantly was cutting into my food budget.

We’re pretty casual people so cloth napkins hadn’t really crossed my mind for our home. They felt too formal for us. I decided to give them a try anyway because they seemed like a good solution to me. After using them for a couple years now I can confidently tell you that I was wrong. They work great for us and they don’t have to be formal at all. In fact, I have a set with polka dots on them – very fun.

I’ve never purchased any because they are simple to sew yourself, even without a sewing machine. I picked up some remnant fabric to make the set I’m about to show you but you can really think outside the box with these. Do you have sheets or pillowcases that you no longer use? How about a men’s collared shirt? Do you have old curtains shoved into a linen closet? Any of these things could be washed, cut and sewn into cloth napkins. Get creative. To avoid using napkin rings, each person could have a different-looking napkin. Maybe you could make one with a funny pattern for your younger kids and help your hubby feel more manly by choosing something with a cool logo on it. It’s completely up to you.

Here’s what you need:

* (1) 18″ square of fabric for each napkin
* Thread, to match the fabric if you like
* Needle or sewing machine
* scissors
* pins
* iron
* ironing board

Here’s what you do:

1. Cut however many napkins you’d like to make.

2. Iron out any wrinkles then iron each corner over half an inch, then half an inch again. Like this:
Cloth Napkins 1
3. Stay at the iron and iron over each side half an inch, then half an inch again, just like you did with the corners.
Cloth Napkins 2
This should make the corners form a pointy triangle.
Cloth Napkins 3
4. Pin around each side to secure.

5. Sew it. Use either a sewing machine or sew by hand. Be sure to secure each corner and back stitch at the beginning and end so they will hold up well when they’re washed.

6. Iron your final product and voila!

Cloth Napkins E

Thing to note:
*You can make these any size you like. Your beginning square just needs to be 2″ larger than the size you’d like your final product.
*Are you good at embroidery? (No? Neither am I.) If you are, consider embroidering each person’s initial in the corner of their own napkin.

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