Good People. Good Things Going On.


I couldn’t wait until the weekend to post a few links. Some great things are happening in the world and I wanted you all to know about them.

December 7-18 192 countries will be represented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Let’s turn it into Hopenhagen. Read about it. Sign the petition. Get involved.

Steven at Hundred Goals has written an excellent post called A Sustainable American Lifestyle. It’s thought provoking and includes lots of practical tips. Steven’s entire website is intriguing. He’s created 100 goals for himself and tracks his progress through the blog.

Be sure to check out No Impact Man’s Environmental How-To’s. Colin’s mission to make no impact has led to a book and a movie, in addition to his blog.

Mandi at Organizing Your Way has teamed up with Tara at Deal Seeking Mom to create the One Dollar Give. The idea is to see what a difference a dollar can make if we all join together. This year they’re raising money for Feeding America. Stop by the One Dollar Give to read more and contribute.

What good things are going on that you know about?

Photo Credit: Mr. Kris