School Daze

I’m back. It’s been a busy and often difficult summer, but here I am. My girls started kindergarten last week and it’s going well so far (their Name Bubbles and Planet Box lunch boxes are working out really well!). As the school year approached, my husband and I decided it would be a good idea to set up an area for the girls to do their school work. We don’t expect them to have a ton of homework this year, but we thought it best to start with good habits.

The girls share a room that’s plenty big for both of them and their furniture, but there isn’t room to add two separate desks. I know them well enough to know that they each need their own separate space, though. Lacking any other good spot in the house to set up their homework station, I tried to get creative.

Many of you know that my husband does woodworking in his “off” time. Fortunately for us, he’s equally good with furniture as he is with outdoor projects (like the garden arbor and fence). I can’t draw, but I did the best I could in sketching out the idea I had in mind. After some talking back and forth, he came up with and built this:

Each of my daughters has her own side, complete with cubbies for her supplies. The hooks on the front are for hanging their backpacks. We put locker-like bins on the front (one for each of them) so they can stash papers or other trinkets, and a magnetic dry erase board for drawing or hanging up their artwork.

The chairs were a Craigslist find. They are a little smaller than regular-sized kitchen chairs, so they were perfect. The rest of the homework station was made from wood my husband had in his garage — most of it left over from other projects — recycling at its best.

The girls love it and, as usual, I’m really proud of (and impressed by) my husband’s woodworking ability.

How do you keep homework organized?