How Does Your (Organic) Garden Grow?

Organic GardenI’ve been writing about my organic garden, and organic gardening in general, for a while now. I’m far from being a gardening expert, but each year I learn a little and try to make some changes to reflect what I’ve learned. Like many green things, choosing organic gardening can be a little more difficult in the beginning. The temptation is there to kill weeds “quickly & easily” with toxic sprays and to cover plants in Miracle Gro to get the largest, though chemical-filled, tomatoes we’ve ever seen.

When you’re first starting out, it’s important to remember that your early efforts in setting up your organic garden do pay off. You’ll end up with better soil that’s more resistant to disease and when you prepare the soil beds properly, you eventually have fewer weeds to deal with.

Green living (and organic gardening) is all about looking ahead — making choices now that will create better, healthier results down the road. Much of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into is because of here and now thinking & acting. It’s so easy for us to tell our children that they need to consider the consequences of their actions. The truth is, so do we.

So back to organic gardening. If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to grow some things either for the first time, or if you’re gardening again this year — please let us know how it’s going. Do you have questions? What are you growing? Why is organic gardening important to you?


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